Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bhome Lok!

Bhome Lok: Vomiting Man
Not only was he a topic of conversation at dinner tonight, but I feel like I need to learn to be more like him. Shockingly I have not written on this thing because I do not know what to say. Maybe it's the ritalin but for some reason I start thinking before I write (yeah...back off....) and I get sick of hearing myself so I do not write. I still talk alot, and allot of nonsense....but talking about here overwhemls me and I do not write. I still miss ya all and I am sure when I see you again we will have plenty of verbiage vommoting going on....till then.......its all about ant acids.......the day I learn from Bhome Lok your ears and eyes will know!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

I changed the setting so you can comment with out being a member!

My hair is getting whiter, my wrinkles are getting deeper all from: Writing this thesis (almost done, doing editing and then have to format) due today in 11 hours. Liberation paper that needs 15 liberating references due next Tuesday. Mediation paper less than 15 pages due Monday. Notes and project for liberation due this Tuesday. All combined with a final and oh yeah I still will have corrections after tomorrow for this thesis. All with my work where I have technically gone over my payable hours wants me to write an evaluation by this monday of a program...ugh! where does social time come in?

I keep telling myself, only 2 more weeks, but wow it is getting mighty painful! I think when this is all done I will buy 3d color chalk, a bottle of wine and call it a weekend on a Monday!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bangladesh or bust!

I have a ticket, I leave the 1st of July arrive three days later

Cincinnati-New York
New York-Dubai (I have a 6 hour lay over, any suggestions on activities besides the already thought of Camel race or flirt with Saudi Prince's?)

I get to spend one more 4th of July in Dhaka-woowhoo! Actually I am excited, well not because of the 4th, just because I am so ready to start working!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indiana Jones and strep throat

When I was a kid Igot strep throat at least twice a year. Since I can remember when I was sick I would go in my parents room with a large pitcher of water and a stack of movies. The "sick movies" these were all three Indiana Jones and the two Crocidile Dundee movies. I think I watched them at least 500 times.

I have strep throat again now, is it because Indiana Jones just came out again???? I think their might be a direct relation to it...or it might have been my snot nosed neice coghing in my face and drinking out of my cups, but I bet it is the indiana jones!

I have not had strep since I was in college (7 years ago). Back then I ignored the strep until I got scarlet fever when luckily my roomate nurse Gina made me to go the hospital. I dont want that to happen again so I think I will go crawl in my parents bed and start watching the sick movies!


Monday, May 19, 2008


Does anyone have any thoughts about laptops? I want a rugged one. I was looking at Levno, Toshiba, or panasonic.....I know you mac lovers are vomiting right now but well Mac's break to easy for me and people in south east asia just make them they don't know how to fix them ;)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

To do List

I hope if this is public I will try to get this done fast!
This is gonna get edited allot.....but as of May 17 I need to do the following -when one thing gets crossed off another gets added!
  • get rid of a ton of stuff at naked ladies party
  • finish: thesis, liberation paper, take final
  • graduation
  • Andreas wedding
  • finish evaluation for tax program
  • power of attorney
  • fix finances (student and credit)
  • get medical insurance: go to dentist and other not fun doc, get prescriptions for 3 or 6 mo
  • renew drivers license
  • sell car
  • hang out with friends and family
  • Fairbanks in town
  • pack
  • get one last hair cut
  • Chicago
  • Tenesee
  • Pay speeding ticket

I think that is it. I have at least a month! Things I finish I will delete. :)